Cloud Security Strategy and Maturity Assessment

Improve the maturity of your cloud environment while aligning to core business objectives

Coalfire’s cloud security maturity assessment assesses your organization’s current cloud security posture and helps strategically guide you to an improved state of maturity while closely aligning it with business goals and objectives.

Our cloud security experts build a customized, comprehensive, and actionable roadmap around four distinct guiding principles that reach across your people, processes, and technology.

Our cloud maturity assessment is designed to:

  • Be customized to any cloud service provider, environment size, implementation approach, and hybrid architecture.
  • Provide actionable recommendations that can be immediately implemented.
  • Easily convey findings to key stakeholders throughout the organization.
  • Incorporate the best aspects of multiple security frameworks, allowing for adoption of innovative approaches that meet security risk requirements.

We will evaluate your enterprise using three maturity pillars that represent the core of the cloud security maturity model.

  1. Strategic alignment – How your organization’s approach to planning and implementing cloud security aligns with enterprise goals, business requirements, and risk appetite

  2. Capabilities – How your organization has accounted for, designed, implemented, operationalized, and managed a detailed security controls program

  3. Efficacy – How your organization visualizes and monitors cloud security, drives efficient cloud usage, and supports DevSecOps

Why partner with Coalfire?

Through the cloud security maturity assessment, you will gain visibility into your cloud environment, minimize risks, drive enterprise-wide cloud security improvements, and align your cloud environment with core businesses objectives. Contact a Coalfire cloud expert today and cloud with confidence.