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Market development services

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Coalfire’s market development services are a set of marketing services and offerings that your organization can leverage to help prepare and promote your security posture and compliance certifications into your marketplace.


As a trusted advisor and consultant, Coalfire helps you demonstrate your cybersecurity value by:
Increasing pipeline acceleration, improving win-rate, and recognizing revenue faster by enabling your sales teams | Expanding into new markets and raising awareness that competitively differentiates you | Demonstrating thought leadership to your customers and commanding trusted relationships committed to your success

Coalfire certificate and digital seal

Coalfire certificate: A dated, verifiable record of Coalfire’s work with your organization in printed form; available for projects where Coalfire verifies completion against one or more security standards.

Digital seal: A Coalfire-branded seal placed on your website that links to security verification details; valid for the period of time associated with each completed security engagement.

Planning and positioning advisory workshop

Coalfire-facilitated session of up to two hours with your sales and marketing leadership; session to outline key benefits of your compliance and cybersecurity posture to better position and enable your sales.

Public relations and communication support

Press release support: A joint press release template containing pre-approved standard Coalfire language and a quote from a Coalfire SME or executive. Social media coverage: Pre-approved LinkedIn and Twitter templates with relevant content.

Webinar support

A webinar up to 60 minutes in length co-presented by your organization and Coalfire that highlights findings based on Coalfire’s work in the associated project; your organization to host and promote the webinar.

Co-branded white papers

An independent validation of how your solution meets the cybersecurity and compliance requirements.

Sales data sheet

A two-page document that summarizes the security of your solution and its adherence to compliance requirements based on Coalfire’s work in the associated project; co-branded by both Coalfire and your organization and available for use by your marketing and sales teams.

Compliance SME sales and call support

A Coalfire's subject matter expert who is available to participate in your sales calls to discuss your compliance and cybersecurity posture.

Thought leader event support

Participation for one day at your market-facing event (e.g., tradeshow, customer event) by a subject matter expert capable of addressing cybersecurity questions related to the solution reviewed in the associated project.

Who we’ve helped

Coalfire is a proven cybersecurity expert that has the ability to deliver superior compliance frameworks that validate you in the market and help you monetize your investments and cybersecurity posture.



AWS, a provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms, needed a way to communicate their cloud offering’s security and compliance posture in their marketplace.

Provide co-branded and co-led engagements with self-selected potential customers migrating to the cloud.



Engage hundreds to thousands of potential customers.


Engage intimate groups of pre-qualified potential customers.

White papers

Increase visibility through thought leadership.

Impact for AWS

Co-branded webinars attracted more than 3,500 participants, and thousands of individuals viewed and downloaded jointly created content.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black

Carbon Black, a cybersecurity company understood a white paper had the potential to be a powerful marketing tool for communicating and supporting their product claims, but they needed an industry expert to perform technical testing and validate the suite of security products to demonstrate their secure functionality and ability to achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance for end users.

Coalfire helps Carbon Black validate its differentiated security posture in the market.



Promote product security features.

White papers

Thought leadership.

Sales collateral

Product communication.

Impact for Carbon Black

33% pipeline conversion improvement after market development services support from Coalfire.