Security is a Team Game

Coalfire assessors work directly for their clients, but they don't work alone. Each assessment goes through a QA and peer review process, and our assessors are constantly trading ideas and learning from one another. We help that along by inviting solution providers to brief our assessors on innovations and case studies; and those sessions almost always lead to vigorous debates on best practices. That's why we have so many partners. They don't want to pay us for introductions; they want to win on their own merits and serve the customers that fit their business model.

CoalfireOne℠ Partners

CoalfireOne is a cloud-based suite of compliance assessment and testing tools that empower organizations to manage compliance on a continuous basis. The CoalfireOne Partner program allows select partners to offer CoalfireOne to their direct customers as a value-added service. A typical CoalfireOne partner sees security and compliance as a core value, and wants to encourage their customers or members to engage in an effective risk management program. In many cases, CoalfireOne partners are able to provide CoalfireOne at a discount; in other instances they pre-configure CoalfireOne with controls information specific to their technology, simplifying the compliance process for their customers.

Interested in becoming a Coalfire Partner?

If your organization values both independence and security, perhaps we should become partners. Please contact us at Let's talk!

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